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Volunteers in a variety of outreach efforts have found exciting opportunities to serve Jesus by using their time and talents, fulfilling Christ's mission in the world. Members of the Missions Committee meet monthly to plan, organize and undertake mission initiatives outside of the immediate community. Members of the FUMCSB unit of United Methodist Women are a community of women in supportive fellowship who work individually and collectively in the global ministries of the church.


Below are some of the many mission activities undertaken by our congregation.

  • Mission Education: The Missions group has undertaken the responsibility of telling the story of Christ's mission through such means as news articles, guest speakers, studies, forums, "Mission Moments" in worship, and mission work team reports - all to raise awareness and involvement in the many ways the Church is at work responding to human needs and suffering throughout the world.
  • Missionary Support: Our congregation supports those on the front lines of mission work. We support all United Methodist Missionaries around the world by fully funding the United Methodist missionary support funds apportioned to all UM churches. FUMCSB continually goes beyond the minimum expectations by also giving special assistance to Sustainable Agriculture, Grace Children's Hospital in Haiti, and George Martzen and Chin Cheak Yu, missionaries in Singapore.
  • ArsonRebuildProjectArson Rebuild Project in Springfield, MAMission Work Teams: One of the special characteristics in our congregation is its distinguished record of sending work teams to serve in special areas of need.
  • Groups Partnering in Mission Work: While mission outreach of the whole church is organized by Missions Committee, many groups within the congregation are also engaged in mission work; for example, the United Methodist Women, Youth Ministries and Children's Ministries. Missions committee partnering with these and other groups is strongly encouraged and undertaken wherever possible.
  • Mission and Fellowship: The Santa Barbara unit of The United Methodist Women meets regularly to foster spiritual growth, undertake mission's work, and cultivate and maintain fellowship. In addition to their monthly meetings, UMW also has a number of fellowship circles and special interest groups such as Women of Spirit that also meet throughout the month.
  • Mission Support Activities: Missions Committee has sought to broaden support for mission outreach by several creative activities designed to raise financial support as it nurtures fellowship and indirect education of people throughout the local community. Such activities have included the yearly Treasure Sale and benefit luncheons.

All are invited to explore options of fulfilling Christ's mission in the world. Look for information on upcoming events on this website or read the FUMCSB Carillion for new opportunities.

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